PVC - ABS & Polyethylene Pressure Pipe Systems

u-PVC Pipe Systems

Imperial and Metric Ranges available in Class C (9 bar) and Class E (15 bar)
Pipe: Imperial BS3505/6 - Metric EN1452-2/DIN 8061/2
Fittings: Imperial BS3505/6 – Metric DIN8063
Solvent Cement: BS4346 Part 3
Size Ranges Imperial 3/8" to 12" - Metric 12mm to 315mm

ABS Pipe Systems

Imperial and Metric Ranges available
Pipe: Imperial BS5391 – Metric DIN16890
Fittings: Imperial BS5392 Part 1 – Metric DIN8063
Solvent weld joints
Size ranges: Imperial 3/8” to 8” – Metric 16mm – 315mm

New : u PVC Dual Containment Pipe System (Size range 50mmm – 280mm)

PE Pipe Systems

Service Pipe (12 bar) & Fittings (20mm – 63mm Od)
Available in Blue (BS6572) or Black (BS6730)
Fittings: Push Fit Compression Type (WIS 4-32-11)
PE Mains Pipe (90mm – 630mm Od)
Blue PE80 MDPE (WIS 4-32-03) Blue PE100 HPPE (WIS 4-32-13)
Black PE80 MDPE (WIS 4-32-09) Black PE100 HPPE (WIS 4-32-13)
Fittings – Electro-fusion fittings WIS 4-32-06
Long spigot fittings (for Butt fusion) WIS 4-32-04

Associated Products (For Hire or Sale)

Butt Fusion Machines – Electrofusion machines – Generators – Rollers & Clamps
Scrapers & De-Beaders - Jointing Shelters – On Site Training

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